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When Elizabeth I had breathed her last, and England was inherited to James VI of Scotland, his Queen and her children excited the interest and admiration which James himself failed to create among his subjects. Among the children, Elizabeth, “The Pearl of Britain” had, in her name and her fairy vision (inherited from her unfortunate grandmother, Mary, Queen of Scots), a passport to the hearts of the English people, by whom the memory of their late queen was held in reverence.
 01. Une jeune fillette, [Anonymous; improvisation]02. Prélude en harpègement, Marin Marais03. L’Incoronazione di Poppea: “Addio Roma”, Claudio Monteverdi04. Dido & Æneas: Act II: Ritornelle, Henry Purcell05. Les Élémens: Siclienne, Jean-Féry Rebel08. Concerto grosso nº 5: I. Largo, Charles Avison07. BWV 198: Chorus “Doch Köningin du stirbest nicht!”, Johann Sebastian Bach08. Dido & Æneas: Act II: Chorus “With drooping wings ye Cupids come”, Henry Purcell — 8tracks; download
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Anonymous asked: I guess you didn't read the so-called analysis about the "Don't you think that's beautiful?"scene. It says that Daryl was "alarmed" that Beth thought the "rotting corpses" were beautiful. And,then,Beth is called "childish" (she's now a pshyco like Lizzie!!) in comparison to C*rol,who knows that there's nothing beautiful about walkers (knowing that Sophia wasn't Sophia anymore when she came out of the barn).I'd really like to 'hear' from you how they REALLY didn't get the meaning of that scene.





As I haven’t read the post and have no interest in doing so, I’m not going to comment extensively, but yeah, I’m pretty sure I’d vehemently disagree with all of it.

I don’t think Daryl was alarmed at all, and in fact, I think he was moreso almost stunned that someone could still find beauty in the world instead of looking at everything in such morbid terms. 

What is interesting is how basic and surface level that assertion is, that it was Beth thinking walkers were beautiful when in fact, to me, it was her looking at the fact that someone took the time to care for these people (they WERE people at one point) after life was over and THAT’S what Daryl saw. Daryl has a heart, and he was struck by how much hope and positivity and light that Beth had, imo. If he’d been with Carol, he’d still be the angry Daryl blaming himself for everything. No way would she have taken that time to push him through to where he is now and no, that’s not her responsibility but it shows the difference between Beth and Carol in that (as TPTB say) she’s gone down a darker path (Carol) whereas Beth retains her humanity. 

Anyone with even the most basic understanding of the English language was able to grasp the fact that Beth was talking about the actions of the person who embalmed the bodies and not the walkers themselves when she used the term “beautiful”. The post the anon is talking about is nothing but willful misinterpretation and a lot of reaching. Like Jennifer said, it’s not even worth commenting on or debating about. 

Amen sistas!! THe only thing I would add, which sure is not much you guys know this LOL but having just rewatched 1-3, we can use Norman’s term “light” — Carol never had that. Her trauma with her husband was so sad, she was an abused wife. He dies and then the hope to heal was lost when Sophia died. The group continues in the hellish world they live in, and that world effects each of them differently. Carol,has gone full-on survival mode. She’s not spending time turning her prison cell into a home like Beth, no, Carol’s acquired a numbness that birthed a certain amount of ruthlessness, that’s how she copes  —— Beth was a farm girl, from a wholesome christian family. She’s been loved and loved well. She’s seen grave pain, even wanted to end her life because of it… But through it all, in large part because of her upbringing, Beth’s heart has maintained it’s innocence… it’s “light” — clinging to that, is how Beth copes. She’s tender and nurturing, she makes a home wherever she goes. Daryl, like chandra75 said, was shocked that someone could find beauty in their world. That image is constant- as she plays the piano surrounded by light; he just leans against the wall, sort of in awe of it and then lays there and soaks it up; sits in it. At least that’s how i took it. So, yea, no way Carol would have brought him to that place. She would have been there for him, told him great things; but how she would have tried to bring him through that, would’ve much been different, because Carol’s way of coping is different.

Honestly, ater rewatch, I don’t think Carol would have pressed him at all. Being as shut down as he was, she would’ve asked if he was OK, but unless he spilled, I don’t think she’d have pressed it, especially not to the degree of beating it out of him, as Beth did. I sorta see Carol, a little intimidated by Daryl, whereas Beth, didn’t give a damn; she fought back.

So, yea, ignore that stuff nonny, they have agendas.

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As much as I enjoy the movie Frozen, stop saying it’s the only movie that teaches girls they don’t need a man to save them. RAPUNZEL FUCKING SAVES FLYNN AND BEATS THE SHIT OUT OF PEOPLE WITH A FRYING PAN.  MERIDA WAS ALL “FUCK YOU I’M 15 AND I DON’T WANT TO GET MARRIED. “ MULAN SAVED THE FUCK OUT OF CHINA, SHE SAVED A FUCKING COUNTRY. So, would you politely shut the fuck up and stop.


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People need to read this

The justice system protects rapists. This is rape culture. This is why most rapists are not convicted. This is why there is a “false allegations” statistic.
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um so lemme get this straight…tiana starts her own business in a time where black women had next to no rights….mulan pretty much saves china and becomes a top ranking military official….but the annoying sister in frozen makes a throwaway line about being gassy and gets lauded as the the first feminist princess??

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We wanted our love to be eternal. You know, Katniss and I were luckier than most. I wouldn’t have any regrets at all, if it weren’t… if…if it weren’t for the baby.
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